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In just a few short months, Pitt County Young Life will be taking it's Summer Camp trip to Sharptop Cove - a Young Life camp in Jasper, Georgia. Camping with Young Life is an experience unlike any other! I have had the pleasure of challenging kids just like yours with this statement: "If you come, and don't have the best week of your life, you can have your money back." After 17 years involved in Young Life, want to take a guess on how many refunds I've ever had to give out? ZERO!

Why is that? Well for starters, this is where all their friends are! A weekend away with activities designed with THEM in mind! Amazing food, HILARIOUS events, and activities like rock walls, Archery Tag, a Giant Swing and Giant Slide, mountain bikes, zip lines, ropes courses, rope swings, frisbee golf, sports field, basketball, a pool, a hot tub, the camp store and more!!

That Sounds Great.. Give Me Some Details....

The cost of this incredible week is $770 per camper with a $150 non-refundable deposit. This includes all the aforementioned activities, all meals, room, board, travel costs, and Area T-shirt. Sharptop Cove is about 10 hours away on a bus. Since the camp has asked that we arrive somewhere around 5pm, we ask that you be at the Hooker Memorial Church (1111 Greenville Blvd SE, Greenville, NC 27858) at 6:00am on June 25th. We will be returning home on July 2nd at 7am at Hooker Memorial as well.

It is very important that you have a Completed Health Form (can be done online or on paper) and 
Payment (if paying by check, please make it out to Young Life) with you to the bus!!! When you arrive at Hooker Memorial Church, you will find a table set up where you can turn your health forms and payment to one of our Committee members. Please feel free to bring snacks, for both the camp and the bus ride.

While At Sharptop Cove

Your child will be placed in a cabin with 10-14 people of the same gender. Each cabin has a trained and background-checked leader who will be with your kids the entire week. 

One of the greatest things that Young Life offers students is the ability to get away with friends and talk about deep spiritual truths. So many people today walk around today with a distorted view of God and how much He loves them. They believe that the Bible is a book written 2000 something years ago by a bunch of old religious people living in the Middle East and that it has nothing to do with what they are going through in the lives they live today. We, in Young Life, could not disagree more! We want to hear what they are going through, and come alongside them with the free acceptance and love that their souls are desperate for. There is a hunger for truth, and we are here to cater to it.

What should I make sure my child brings to camp??

Upon arriving at camp, your child will be treated like a celebrity! This is so huge for people, especially in high school as insecurity tends to reign supreme in so many of their lives. They will be taken to their dorm will they will have a mattress and a blanket however they may want a light sleeping bag for added comfort.The rooms come with air-conditioning and linens are provided. We also suggest closed-toed shoes, a bathing suit and towel, a toothbrush (you know, to brush your tooth), some deodorant (guaranteed to increase your chances of making friends), plenty of changes of clothes for outdoor activities, some warm clothes to relax by a bonfire with, and some spending cash for the Camp Store (not required).

Also, we realize this may be your child's first big trip away. Because it is camp policy to remove the cell phones from the students, both so that they can enjoy one another, and because there is no cell coverage, the contact info for the camp is listed below:

Sharptop Cove:
Address: 76 Camp Hope Rd, Jasper, GA 30143
Phone: (706) 692-5635

If you have any other questions, please call the Young Life Office or email us at

Some things not to bring:
Illegal things like drugs and alcohol (this will get you a golden ticket straight home from camp at your folks expense) and inappropriate material — won’t miss it at the Cove.

Interested in being an Adult Guest?
Young Life provides the opportunity for parents to be a part of the action as an Adult Guest. You will stay on site in a different even nicer lodge, enjoy Club from seats in the back, share in the same meals with other adults that are in attendance, and get the real Young Life Camp experience. We believe wholeheartedly that being an adult guest is a life-changing experience and would encourage anyone interested in joining us to reach out to us for more information at



SharpTop Cove June 2017

Where: SharpTop Cove, Jasper, GA
When: June 25 - July 1, 2017
Cost: $770
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June 25, 2017 7:00 AM

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