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In WyldLife, we love middle school kids! They are full of life and yet experiencing profound emotion​al and physical changes.
A Party with 
 a Purpose
​Middle school is a time when kids make important decisions about who they are and what they believe. And so WyldLife leaders — who range from spiritually mature high school and college students to moms, dads and retirees — consider it a privilege to be involved in their lives. We seek to model and express God's love to our young friends by learning their names, hearing their stories and honoring their God-given desire for a life of fun, adventure and purpose.


Does my son/daughter have to be involved in church or attend other Christian activities to be involved with WyldLife? 
No! WyldLife is open to anyone and everyone, regardless of religious background. Ultimately, we desire for students who have made a decision to follow Jesus to be plugged into a local congregation. 

Can my son/daughter bring a friend?
Any middle school aged students are welcome at WyldLife club! We encourage students to invite their friends and to tell others at their school about club. Students who are homeschooled or attend private schools are welcomed to attend. 

Does my son/daughter have to be a "member" of WyldLife in order to participate?
No, there is no "membership" for WyldLife. Our meetings are all completely open to anyone, even if they only come once! The term "club" does not mean we take attendance, require dues, or require a commitment. It is simply the word we use for our "party with a purpose"! 

What is Campaigners?
Campaigners (a name that points back to the early days when Young Life was referred to as "The Young Life Campaign") is a meeting for kids who wish to learn more or grow in their faith through study, service, and leadership. Young Life leaders also encourage these kids to celebrate their faith through participation in a local congregation. At WyldLife Campaigners, students will learn more about how to have a relationship with Jesus and how to share it with their friends. 

What types of things do you do at WyldLife Club?
WyldLife club, we hope, will be the best night of your child's week! We always start out with games that allow kids to have fun, laugh, and be including in a group. We want kids to walk away thinking, "Wow, I didn't know I could have that much fun and not feel guilty about it!" We seek to shatter kids ideas of what it means to follow Jesus. After we play some games, we usually will do a raffle, have announcements, and then a leader will get up and share a 10-15 minute message from the Bible. The messages are always simple and real. We want to give our middle school friends a picture of who Jesus is and we want to invite them into a relationship with Him. 

Am I allowed to stay for WyldLife Club?
Absolutely! We would love for you to come and experience WyldLife club first hand. Any parent is welcome to join the fun. Please be sure to greet the staff or leaders and let them know that you will be sticking around for club. 

What denomination is WyldLife?
WyldLife is non-denominational and has been from the outset (1941). Therefore, we are not affiliated with any denomination, nor do we encourage one Christian denomination over another. Our staff and volunteers affiliate with a wide range of Christian denominations — both Protestant and Catholic​.

Why do the WyldLife Leaders keep asking to "hang out" with my son/daughter?
In Young Life, we believe in modeling the type of ministry that Jesus modeled. When we look at the Gospels, we see that Jesus did not hold one meeting a week and keep it at that. He ​lived life with the men and women that he was caring for. We want to model this relational ministry with the students that we are involved with. This means we may invite students over for a meal in our home, attend ball games at the school, take girls to the mall, invite guys over to watch a football game, etc. All of these activities are optional and are up to the parents to disgression. 

Is a criminal background check part of the screening process for Young Life staff and volunteers? 
Keeping kids safe is a priority for WyldLife. As such, all Young Life staff and volunteer leaders go through a careful screening process that consists of an application, interview(s), character references, and criminal background checks. 

How can I get more information? 
For more information, you can call Marissa Kennedy 540-797-6133



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